How it all began... deep

So you probobly hear us mention A and K, the creators of Aphrodite's Curse, have decided to add some samples from their episode to the wikia!


Sample Of Part One

Bloom walking with “Sky” (really Ogron)

Bloom: Isn’t this beautiful, Sky?

Ogron: Oh, Yes lovely.

Bloom: what’s wrong?

*She reaches for Ogron’s hand and he pulls away, she ignores it*

Bloom: Look Sky! Fireflies!

Ogron: What?

*Bloom holds out her hands and catches one*

Bloom: Here.

*She positions Ogron’s hands to a cup and puts the firefly in his, it flies up and away with the group of other fireflies.He slightly laughs but goes silent realizing he is experiencing joy and romance. Musa stares at them confused*

Musa (under her breath): did Ogron just laugh???    

Sample Of Part Two

Anagan: Hello, Flora. Still stunning I see.   (SHIP~!)

Flora: I’m taken! Autumn Wind!!!

Bloom: Ogron! Stop this NOW!

Ogron: I should’ve known this all that’s within me is darkness and with it I will destroy each and every one the fairy kind.

Bloom:  No Ogron, there is good in you I know it for a fact. Where is the Ogron that I told my life story to? Where is the Ogron that I caught fireflies with and enjoyed it? Where is the Ogron that I regret insulting and wish I would’ve kept leaning in for?

Ogron: He’s gone for good, just like you’ll be!

Stella: Ouch!

Tecna: Well that was unexpected..

Sample Of Part 3

     ((Bloom is turned evil BTW)) (THE RETURN OF DARK BLOOM!!!!! DUNDUNDUN!)

Bloom: NO! I will finish what I started: destroy all of these pathetic fairies!!!!


cool dark bloom believix!! by blogronluver46

*Ogron walks in and tells the Winx to step aside*

Ogron: Bloom? Can you hear me? This isn’t you. You are not evil I would know don’t you remember? I tried to destroy you so many times and every attempt you won? That’s because you are a strong fairy.

Bloom: Ogron? NO! You will destroy them!

Ogron: This will not defeat you! You are a good fairy and that’s who you are! You are not this! Remember when you had to save me from the rustic fairies trap with the boulders well now I’m returning the favor. Remember Bloom remember.

Bloom:  NO! NO!!! Destroy them destroy them all!!! NO! I won’t, I won’t, for the Winx, for my parents, for Ogron, for everyone!

Sample Of Part 4

(*Bloom walks to Roman with Ogron*)

Bloom: What now?

*Roman positions Bloom to her left and Ogron to her right*

Roman: Now Bloom think about Ogron. Ogron think about Bloom.

*They all close their eyes. Roman puts her hands on Bloom and Ogron’s shoulders.  Roman gets a blue glow around her. Bloom and Ogron get a pink glow around them. They all open their eyes and the glow fades away.*

Roman: You guys are.. IN LOVE!!!!