She-Girls Kronis & Scarlett - Bad Boy request

She-Girls Kronis & Scarlett - Bad Boy request

Team Blogron is a fan made coupling of Bloom and Ogron. This team is an unlikley romance because Ogron is quote on quote evil. This fan made couple was inspired from two girls A and K. The two Blogrons wrote a four-part episode that has not been published but in the episode Blogron comes to life due to a spell gone wrong and it binds Bloom and Ogron together as Sky slowly departs from Bloom. Another inspiration was the actual episode of Winx The Fairy Of Justice when Bloom saved Ogron's life.


  1. Team Bly
  2. Team Rogron
  3. Team Orcy
  4. Valtor And Bloom
  5. Team Flogron
  6. Team Mogron
  7. Team Togron
  8. Team Stogron
  9. Aigrona
  10. Mogrona
  11. Team Nabloom

Reasons to join

  • Because Bly is overated!
  • Because it's a match made by Aphrodite herself
  • Because it's FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!
  • Because Wizards need love too!!!!!
  • Beacause it's so uncertain it's certain!!!!
  • Because they are the Romeo and Juliet of Winx Club
  • Because we said so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bloom and Ogron

    Bloom and Ogron

  • Because of this video --------------------------->
  • Because of all the videos here!