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The Very First Blogron Picture

Hello dear reader,

If you are reading this, it may be your first time on this Wiki, and you are very confused about it. So don't worry, because I am going to tell you the whole BackStory.

Not the whole backstory, but enough to answer your questions.

So, What Exactly Is Blogron?Edit

Since I have written everything there might be about Blogron, then again; the Blogron fanbase seemingly grows larger everyday, I do not want to be repeating information. However, to learn about Team Blogron click here.

What Exactly Is Aphrodite's Curse?Edit

Well, Aphrodite's Curse is a four-part movie series about the hit Italian animated show Winx Club that has not been published yet. The info on it is here

The creators only go by the aliases: A & K. They have disclosed the samples for the Aphrodite's Curse series here on the wiki.

Why did you make the Wiki?/How did it start?Edit

Before the wiki started, it was a page on the Winx Club Wiki, called Team Blogron.

However one pesky admin in particular, not naming her username to protect her, kept deleting it.

Finally, on the day after Blogronluver46's birthday, Nariko_Berlin_-Chan made the wiki for her birthday. The wiki was made on November 18, 2012.

Wait. What About The Wikia and How Does It Relate To Aphrodite's Curse?Edit

Well the similarity is right in front of you!! Team Blogron Wiki and Aphrodite's Curse center around one fanon couple/ team: Team Blogron.

Help! I'm still confused!Edit

Do not worry, all you have to do is contact the admins here, and they can answer your question!